Artisan Bath & Body from Central Point, Oregon 

Hi! Welcome to the Northwest Soapworks web page. We started making soap because we spent way too much time on websites like Pinterest. Our first batch of cold-process soap was a mess! It discolored, riced, and overheated, but it smelled divine. It was a honey, oatmeal soap scented in a clove, orange fragrance and it was great!. While it was ugly it was still soap so we used it and as we used it we found that our skin wasn't as dry coming out of the shower as it was with other soaps. We didn't have to use lotion as often and it just felt better overall. 
Because we knew we could do better we made another batch, and another, and another, and we got better at it. Our soaps became prettier, we got new fragrance oils to play with we played with new combinations of oils and butters and our soaps started coming out really nice. Nice to smell, nice to look at, and especially nice to use. Also we suddenly realized that we had too much soap to use ourselves. 
We love making soap. We love the fragrances, the colors, the oils and especially the creation of something that is both beautiful and practical. We decided to start selling our soap so that we could keep doing something that we love and bring a better option to the cheap mass produced soaps that come in packs of 6 in the grocery stores.

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